Primary Schools Visits

Our primary school activity days enable students to experience challenging adventures that are appropriate to their abilities and their stage of personal and physical development.

All of our activities can be combined to create themed days such as a ‘Treasure Island’ day involving a treasure hunt and improvised raft build, or a climbing themed half day involving climbing a wall, rope ladders and crossing a stream on a suspended line.

Each of these sessions captures the imagination of the children, generating excitement and enthusiasm to solve the problems and complete the task. These are just a couple of examples and our team is happy to work with you to design the overall theme of the session, perhaps tailoring it around your current curriculum or tie into a learning journey.

Canoe Treasure Hunt

Work together to paddle your canoe, following the clues in search of hidden treasure


Learn some basic paddling skills before embarking on a journey with games and challenges along the way

Improvised Raft Build

As a team you must design and build a raft using wooden poles, barrels and rope. Test it out by racing your rafts around a course!

Climbing Activities

We have a number of climbing activities onsite aimed at encouraging young people to push to their limits and encourage a low fear culture


Our Archery taster sessions aim to introduce the basics before moving on to a number fun games and challenges